The Abstraction of Perspective

"Perspective is perception of depth -

Abstraction is creating realities deprived of all realism"

Jonathan Berkh

untitled, 2021, 128 x 88 cm, acrylics on canvas, deconstructed

"I use art to simplify.

I deconstruct the world I live in. I do so to understand it better. I break down things that to me seem too complicated or overstimulating into understandable bits and pieces; and sometimes I just portrait simple thoughts."

Vienna based artist Jonathan Berkh has actively worked as a contemporary artist in the fine and applied artist since 2000. His works have been displayed at Glow Eindhoven (2009), The Belvedere, Vienna (2004) and at Capital Bank Wien (2015). His career was interrupted between 2009 and 2015 due to family matters that requested his undivided attention, but he never stopped evolving creatively.

Projects for 2021:
Group Exhibition at The Gallery Steiner, Vienna
Venice International Artfair
Barcelona Contemporary
Monaco Art Fair
MONAT Gallery, Madrid
Solo Show at The Gallery Steiner, Vienna
Destinations 2022:

New York, NYC Artmovement, Artifact, Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Athens, Athens Open Art

Rome, Rossocinabro Gallery
Madrid, MONAT Gallery
Barcelona, M.A.D.S.

Matera/Turi, Apuliaste (100 Artists for the future)

Berlin, Galerie Azur

Haegeum Musem, South Korea, acquisition and exhibition


Digital exhibition with Artifact, Manhattan at Artifact Gallery, Manhattan

as well as

Los Angeles Art Show

Artexpo New York

Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Red Dot Miami

upcoming 2024:

Personale (20. Jan. 2024 - 03- Feb. 2024) curated by Vanni Rinaldi Veridieci Art Manager, Brescia

"When working I explore how far a material can stretch, I so to speak deconstruct its abilities, its characteristics. It is essential to respect the limited strengths, the weaknesses, and characteristics of each material and only by understanding where these limits lie, can I truly create the most out of it. I work with papers and cardboards inspired by their variable and pliable nature, and I work with deconstructed canvas. Throughout my career I have worked with acrylics and Chinese ink, both very plastic and moldable paint, but I've also worked with biodegradable and organic materials such as coffee or liquors."